45 Best Free Scarf knitting patterns and Perfect images for 2019

We have gone through all the ranks and done some of our own research to provide you with a long list of our favorite knitting patterns. Many are free knitting patterns, while some are paid and worth the cost.

We have found beautiful, simple knitting patterns for beginners. Others will knit quickly and make wonderful last-minute gifts. And some of these scarf patterns present a challenge that puts your knitting skills to the test.

We are sure that you will like many of the 25 different shawl patterns illustrated below. The hardest part might be to decide which one to knit first. So look around and find a new model of wonderful scarf to wear. Your perfect scarf project is waiting for you!

The Noro striped scarf is a common motif written by many knitters over the years. We love the version of this scarf that Jared Flood described in detail in his “Notebook” at Brooklyn Tweed. It is also available as a free template on Ravelry and is perfect for beginners. I love this project because, by manually stripping Noro, he undresses! This leads to interesting and sometimes unexpected color variations.

With these simple scarf patterns, some of which are suitable even for beginners, go beyond Krausesatz. These scarves are great ways to try out new techniques such as lace and cable or to break into more difficult projects.

To obtain the knitting patterns, scroll to the desired template and click on the corresponding link.

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