Amigurumi Patterns and Crochet Animals 2019 New Images

Amigurumi Hook has seen a real increase in popularity in the UK.

A technique originating in Asia, the name is a mix of Japanese words “friend” and “nuigurumi”. The first means “knitted”, while the latter can be translated as “cloth doll”.

Amigurumi toys have a nice appearance and are distinguished from other brands of soft. Animals tend to be small and usually have an oversized head, which makes them undeniably cute.

Freddie Patmore of the Knitting Network revealed that she was a big fan of madness that continues to wander the craft community.

“Amigurumi seems to have appeared in recent years and has totally taken over, everyone is doing it.This is the new project in vogue that any crocheter can not put aside,” she says.

“I can not turn my head these days without discovering original creatures – they are great! I like using plastic eyes (washer type) in my projects to give my creatures a little personality!”

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