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Easy and Amazing Loom Knitting Patterns

Raspberry Stitch Loom Knitted Bag Crochet Pattern

This tasty knitted loom bag is ripe for pick! The Berry handbag features high-textured raspberry straw, removable felt liner, and oval bamboo handles to complete the look. The real beauty is on the inside; the open look of the raspberry straw allows you to change the look of your bag by changing the liner from a bold colored color to a neutral too low.

Essential Loom:
Small Gauge (SG) Knitting Measure with at least 66 pegs

A bag is knitted as a flat panel and subsequently sealed.

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Loom Knitted Minion Kevin Doll Crochet Pattern

This is a written pattern for one loom knitted dolls.
Doll worked into a 31 peg round gap (regardless of this pattern).
The pattern is worked in a round but can be made as a flat panel and then sew along the seam.
It requires knowledge of pull-on casting, u wrapping (e-folding can be used but the dolls will look different), purl stitch, and flat cast.
Finished dolls size using a heavier weight yarn is about 8-9 inches.
Perfect pattern for scrap yarn.
Suggest a double knot when changing colors.

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X’s and O’s Headband Crochet Pattern

Cuimsíonn an headband leaisteacha maisiúil le haghaidh uigeacht agus dearadh breise! Tabhair grá agus teas beag breise le barróga agus póga (“Xs” agus “Os”) agus tá sé leathan go leor freisin chun cluasa a chlúdach.
Cuimsíonn an patrún ranganna teagaisc físe iomlána don mhodh traidisiúin cáblaí cniotála loom chomh maith leis an modh roinnte peg.
Cniotáil lúb ar an Loom Bunúsach 32 peg le KB Loom. Oibreoidh aon bhearna tomhais rialta 7/16 ”le 19 gcnap ar a laghad.
Leibhéal Idirmheánach / Réamhleibhéal mar gheall ar cháblaí C4F agus C4B atá ag obair.

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Fair Isle Cowl Crochet Pattern

Fold up with the Cowl Knit Knom Cozy Knom! Created to match the Family Fair Hats this towel uses the same techniques to make this simple two color pattern. The Fair Isle affixed pattern is bordered with a ribbon on the top and bottom to keep you cozy on even the mildest days. This pattern includes four sizes so that everyone can have a perfect fit.

Small Gauge Gap (3/8 ”) with a multiple of 4 set up to work in the round
Number of pegs by size: XS 88 (S 96, M 104, L 120)
All In One Loom Knitting Board used in the example. (A 20 peg extension is required to make the largest size.)

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Double Knit Afghan with Fringe Crochet Pattern

LOOM: 28” KB Loom set at 3cm spacing, (widest). 64 pegs per side for 64 double stitches (38” Loom can also be used)

YARN: Lion Brand Homespun Yarn, (185 yards per skein) total 7 skeins for entire blanket with 1.5 used for the fringe.

NOTIONS: Knitting tool (hook), crochet hook for finishing and fringe

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Candy Stripe Beret Crochet Pattern

I love when I can find a use for my old patterns. Here is another one of my favorites that you can do on the new KB Chunky Premium looms. The Brimmed Beanie uses some of my ultimate favorite yarn, Malabrigo Rasta. Malabrigo Rasta is chunky and luscious! You want to grab it by the handfuls and just sleep on it!

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Ombre Ruffle Cowl Crochet Pattern

I am pleased to announce that we have a new bovine pattern for the loom knitting community. It is hosted exclusively by the Knitting Board on their blog. This tulle is drapey and super feminine and best of all, easy to knit!

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Loom Knit Rolling Waves Cowl Crochet Pattern

Just like the ever-changing ocean waves in a wind-swept ocean, the Cowl Knom Waing Rolling Waves Cowl is full of texture and movement. I didn’t say you can smell the salty air when you smoke it, but you can almost feel the sea breeze.

I designed this project on needles as part of DFW Designer’s Collection, Vol. 2. A designer created the amazing knitted and crocheted patterns in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of ​​Texas and I am honored to be part of such a talented group. After I finished the needle set, my first thought was to convert the pattern to the knitting loop.

You will not believe how easy this pattern is knitted! It is basically a sock stitch with an oversized eyelash pattern that is super simple to make. I also designed the pattern so that you go into the hood and tie it at the same time so that there is nothing to sew. So grab your Extra Large Gauge Loom and its chunky yarn and let the loop of the Rolling Waves Cowl knit together.

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Sebastion The Alley Cat Crochet Pattern

Smooth, adorable, plush cat. Sebastion likes to hang out in the joints and hunt rodents, which is why his small waist, we say, is “thick”. He also loves to play with a yarn ball occasionally and is never far from a gap. Enjoy making your own friend and please share what you name them.

Enjoy this free plush cat pattern knitted from mostly square. Happy to come!

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Bunny “Butt” Washcloth Crochet Pattern

In honor of spring and because my grandson was coming on a long Easter weekend visit, I designed this knitted rabbit laundry and / or hat. It has two loom knitting patterns in one! Put it in a thick double wash cloth (shown in sample pictures) that you can put your hand in, one regular knitted laundry cloth (you will need to add sts edge to this) or knit it in a hat (not shown) . You can use baby colors and make it for baby or gray / blues for whimsical adult, teenager or child. Use your imagination for this one.

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