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Easy and Cute Free Crochet Flowers Pattern Image Ideas for new Season 2019


Crochet flowers do not have to be explained. We know they are beautiful, versatile and look like wedding bouquets. So, the next time you’re asked why you want to make crocheted flowers, send them a link to this post – our list is the justification you need.

We have not only found 40 ways to make crocheted flowers, but this list of free hook designs (for the most part) also contains ideas and ways to use them. Embellish a swimsuit or create a crochet trombone, but be warned: crocheted flowers are almost as addictive as grandmother squares. Have fun!

Do you want to learn the basics of making a crocheted flower? Carmen Heffernan gave us a free tutorial explaining how to create colorful crochet flowers in time for spring.

The paperclips, they are useful, but a bit boring. Well, not anymore. This very easy tutorial of Petals with Pimples shows you how to cut flowers to add to your clips. Bonus: It also features a tutorial on crochet flower pins, allowing you to transfer your love of the hook to a bulletin board.

Nothing says spring like fresh daffodils. Crochet them with the Beyond The Square tutorial and make a garland to mark the new season. Do you want to do something different with your daffs? Add stems and create the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for any of your favorites or make a brooch and wear it with pride.

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