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Easy and Cute LOOM KNITTING Image pattern Ideas for 2019

Hello friends! So, it’s winter here. Michigan in winter. And as a working mother, I’m sure you will not be surprised to learn that the messy bun is my favorite hairstyle most days. Sigh. But it is good! Because now the bun hat bun is announced! If you do not knit and do not crochet: Today, I present you with a sample and a free beginner tutorial about a messy do-it-yourself bonnet using the loom knitter. If you used the loom knitter, you probably know the basic knitting stitches. If so, you will find that this is a very simple and simple model. It took me about two hours to work and I only use my job a few times a year.

I tested two weights of yarn for this project and I will give you my opinion on both. I discovered that he needed 55 to 60 meters of thread (depending on the precision of the stitches). Here are some partner links to find consumables if you want to buy something!

Loom ply (large / 36 pliers) with hook and needle ready

Wire: Lion’s Thick and Fast Wool-Ease Wire (Oats Illustrated) – This is a very bulky wire. This mark and this color make two hats a piece.

Thread: A Lion brand yarn (illustrated jewel color) – this is a category 5 weight, and to get enough volume, I realized that I wanted two strands. You can work two sons at a time and work with both. If you are used to working with thread and knowing how to entangle yourself, you can work at both ends of the same thread. I did it and used the entire 109-yard chain.

There are hundreds of craft models on Ravelry (Alone on Ravelry Almost 1000). However, there are thousands of other patterns of needles and dots. Therefore, if you want to dive into a model originally made with needles, it is necessary to turn knit patterns into looms.

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