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Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns for Beginners 2019

What’s sweeter than a baby in a crochet blanket? Not a lot. You will agree if you see these baby blankets crochet. You will find patterns of different colors and styles, suitable for boys and girls. They can be created as gifts and are also great for donating to hospitals and charities. Most of these crochet blanket models also work as lapghans, so you can give them to retirement homes, not just babies.

This baby blanket is quite easy to crochet for beginners. That said, it’s still an excellent model for advanced crocheters. It works well if you need a quick hook pattern for baby blankets. Perhaps there is a baby shower at the last minute or you are back at your Christmas do-it-yourself; This is a cover that works fast.

This is done in combed stitches. It has a beautiful dense texture and it is meditative to tinker. It comes with instructions for three sizes – from newborn to toddler – so do it for every little one you know.

Want a crochet pattern even easier than the first? Try this cover. It is completely made in simple crochet. It uses a large P hook combined with a thick thread, so you get a quick cover that beginners can easily hook. It is designed as a 36 “square crochet blanket, but you can customize it to any size of blanket.

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