Free Knitting Patterns and Projects, How To Knit Guides 2019 !


Why do you like to knit? Probably for the same reasons as us. The click of the hands, the sensation of the thread, the triumph of the finished project, but especially the motifs. Knitters love accessories, knitted socks (which we will do together), beautiful sweaters and everything else. These collections contain some of the best creations ever published and, with more than 200 knitting patterns, tutorials and free techniques to choose from, they will suit you. We hope they inspire your knitting as much as we do!

The Interweave knitting patterns are absolutely perfect for needle lovers at all levels. No matter if you’ve never worn a knitting needle, these patterns and patterns will help you learn this beloved craft from scratch. Of course, we also have many knitting patterns for advanced and experienced knitters, with many new stitches and tutorials that keep things interesting for many years of knitting adventures.


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