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Ginny Blanket Pattern

To tie a slip knot, place the thread and make a loop. Make sure your short piece, the ponytail, is on top of the long string. Then flip everything over to the longest strand. Grasp the middle thread with your thumb and forefinger and gently pull the middle thread. Hold on to the tail and tighten the loop.
Take the loop in your left hand, insert the hook into the loop, and tighten the loop around the hook. Not too tight, there must be something to give. Note: I started my life left-handed and now I own both hands. I prefer to teach the way my grandmother taught me, because this is how all books are published.

“The Ginny Blanket is made with lace, intricate motifs that are interconnected! Crochet the motifs in one color, or change the color after round 3 so that the middle flower stands out! This blanket is customizable, add motifs to make your blanket bigger.
You can buy a cheap pdf to support my work, read below.

Crochet your own Ginny Blanket with this crochet pattern in pdf format.
The finished sizes and dimensions are:
49 “x 49”
This pattern contains written instructions in English and uses American crochet terminology.
The printable pdf has a total of 2 pages including the cover page.
Available as an instant download.

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