12 Easy and Cute Free Crochet Flowers Patterns

Kimberley’s Rose Crochet Pattern

When I started knitting, one of my favorite activities was crocheting flowers. They were quick, easy, and gave me the opportunity to try out different bite size patterns on patterns. If you don’t see the image you were looking for, I may have updated this post. This was one of my favorite posts, but some of the templates were no longer available. So I updated it with more free crochet flower patterns, new images and better written patterns that you will love!

Small projects like this are great for using waste yarn! If you have a messy stash and need to sort and organize it, here is a helpful printing inventory I created to make things easier.

This shaded floral pattern is designed to look like Yorkshire White Rose and at a buffer finish size 5cm / 2 ”worn as a lapel brooch. As always I recommend you make your own and make it any color or size you want!
The pattern comes with round to round illustrations, a key is given.
Although it is written in UK terminology I have also included US equivalent terms.
To save your print ink the round images are found on the Blog post.
As the stitches are made in previous round front and rear loops I would suggest this is an intermediate and high level pattern. But it ‘s a tiny thing so why not try it anyway! Please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance.

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