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Easy and Cute LOOM Knitting pattern Ideas

Loom Knit Brioche Cowl Pattern ​Crochet Pattern

Learn to knit on a long scarf knitting loom with this simple pattern. Knit flat on the loom and then sew together, you can play with the length of this cover and even add a twist for an endless cover.

You will need:
Long knitting chair for scarves with adjustable needles so you can knit with different weight yarns
156 Yards of Bulky Yarn (Sample Knit in Ocean Waves)
Loom Hook Tool & Yarn Needle that comes with your Knitting Loom

The gauge is 9 stitches x 12 rows = 4 inches after blocking

This pattern is available as a free PDF document that will be sent to you once you have completed check-out.

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Harvest Lace Shawl Crochet Pattern

Loom: 3/8” gauge, 94 pegs. Authentic Knitting Board All-In-One Loom was used to create pattern.

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Purl and Rib Stitch Hat Crochet Pattern

Navy blue and the green versions are made with a 5-inch CinDWood loom with 48 pins.

Availability Explanation: The PDF Tissue Pattern is available for visually impaired, print-challenged, and screen readers. I tested for screen readers with the read out loud function in Adobe Acrobat. It’s available because I use all black sans serif fonts in 24 point size. There is no extra formatting, and I use one inch margins. All directions are completely printed, so the knitter does not need a knitting table. The accompanying video has subtitles.

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Basketweave Cowl Crochet Pattern

Stay cozy this winter with a super chunky Basketweave Cowl. This easy loom knit pattern uses just knits and purls to create the iconic basketweave pattern. The cowl is worked as a flat panel then seamed.

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Double Knit Chunky Hat Crochet Pattern

LOOM: KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom, uses all 52 pins.
YARN: About 75 yds for hat and 80 yds for cowl. Lion Brand Hometown USA in Santa Fe Tweed is used in the test.
NOTES: Crochet hook, scissors
EW – Ewrap mask KO – Knit over
Pattern notes: Knit the pattern with a ‘modified figure 8 stitch’. It is the figure 8 seam that uses two pins as 1 for thicker and a looser effect.
Complete pattern VIDEO available

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Adult Alpaca Striped Hat Crochet Pattern

This Alpaca Blend Hat is striped using an adult-size knitting loom. It’s also double wrapped to ensure no yarn waste as well. You can make a pom pom as you will have enough yarn left over or get a ready-made pom pom to put on top.

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Easy Double Knit Shawl Crochet Pattern

LOOM: KB ‘Rotating’ Double Knit Loom with the 60 Peg Topper.
ANY double sided long loom can be used for this pattern. larger gauge loom with at least 58 pegs on each side is preferred.
YARN: Approx 450 yards Cozy Wool By Loops & Threads in Clematis Lot # 02307, 5 skeins were used.
NOTIONS: Crochet hook, scissors.
SIZE: 65”x18”
beginning to end video help

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Couthie Shawl for the Loom Crochet Pattern

Christine, Winwick Mum of Chesire, UK, has given me permission to convert her gorgeous Couthie Shawl pattern into the loom. Thanks, Christine!
There is no limit to the size other than the length of the yarn in your skein or ball. It can be knitted in any weight yarn and with any loom of your choice.
The sample was made on a loom with a ⅜ gauge, using DK weight yarn and 75 needles. I started with 4.06 ounce DK yarn and finished with 0.6. The sample is 30 inches at the binding edge and 54 inches on the outside.

Low Visibility Accessibility: This pattern is written in 24-point sans serif font (Arial) in black text.
It has no italics.
All instructions are fully printed.
This pattern is available for screen readers. It has been reviewed and tested to work with a screen reader.

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infinity mobius shawl Crochet Pattern

How to knit a loom knit a double-knit infinity Mobius spring shawl, (scarf or cover) on the rectangle loom. You can also use this pattern to make an infinite cape or scarf.
You can use any stitch you want, in the pictures you see stockinette stitch and figure 8 stitch.
You can use any seam and any type of rectangle loom.
The shawl is invisibly connected with a mattress stitch. This is when you have to divide the shawl into panels due to the limited amount of sticks. Upside down side (up and down side), joined with a Kitchener seam.
In the text you will find some tips and tricks and there is a video that shows the techniques.
In this account you will also find a Mobius cover for the round loom.

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Universal Dreadband Crochet Pattern

Quick and easy project for anyone to where!
This pattern works great with any fiber you choose.

Materials used:
41 peg loom (36 for smaller size)
loom hook
loom needle

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