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The Babysitter Scarf Crochet Pattern

When newbies ask me what to do for their first crochet project, I often recommend making a simple scarf. Since most scarves are shaped like long rectangles, they are a great way to practice basic crochet stitches without worrying about advanced shaping techniques.

In the list below, I’ve compiled my favorite free and easy crochet scarf patterns chosen for beginners. Each of these templates contains detailed instructions and many photos that will guide you through each step from start to finish. However, these templates aren’t just for beginners! Experienced and intermediate knitters will love these sewing patterns for quick giveaways and charitable projects.

After a recent reconsideration of Adventures in Babysitting, I decided to take my love and admiration for Elisabeth Shue one step further and design a scarf inspired by that long stripe number she wears in the 1987 comedy classic.

This 7-inch long scarf is made entirely of Tunisian crochet, Tunisian knit stitch and Tunisian purl stitch. The written pattern includes step-by-step instructions, photo tutorials, and a link to two video tutorials to get you started. And it’s all FREE on my blog!

-8.0 mm Tunisian crochet hook
– A total of 520 meters of worsted yarn have been distributed as follows:
-Big Twist: 270 meters
-Red Heart Super Saver: 155 meters
-Red Heart Classic: 95 meters

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