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Spun Sugar Cardigan Pattern

Learning a new craft can be exciting, especially when it comes to crocheting or knitting, and when you dream of all the inspiring projects you can do. You can choose one technique over the other, or you can knit or crochet.

Both crafts use a needle or crochet hook to manipulate yarn loops and create items from sweaters and blankets to hats and toys. The two yarns have a lot in common and have a lot in common, but they also differ greatly in terms of technique and results. Knitting and crocheting requires similar skills such as hand-eye coordination, an understanding of color and design, proximity to fibers, and the ability to patiently plan a project from start to finish.

Welcome to the 2021 Fiber Flux Spring Crochet Along (CAL)! This season we crochet the Spun Sugar Cardigan. Use the #fiberfluxcal on social media to share your work!

Join the Ravelry Fiber Flux CAL group to connect with other crochet makers too!

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