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Easy Knitting Stitches You Can Use for Any Project 2019

Cat in the Hat Pattern

When you’re thinking about learning how to knit or just starting to knit, looking at all the available knitting stitches can be overwhelming. This helps to understand which ones are easy for beginners to learn, and which ones – to lay the foundation for more complex models later.

Fortunately, there are countless weaving stitches for beginners only, which means you have the opportunity to practice with a wide range of styles. Here are some basic knitting stitches that beginners can do and use to get even better. You may find a new favorite pattern or design.

“When the sun isn’t shining, / and it’s too wet to play, / just sit in the house / knit all the cold, cold, wet day.”

This whimsical hat is knitted in the round from bottom to top, with an attached brim. Infant, toddler and child size instructions are included.

It requires a skein of red yarn and a skein of white.

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