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Best Knit Hat Patterns and ideas for this year

Guadalupe Hat Pattern

Sock hats and beanies are always a favorite knitting project, and these free hat knitting patterns are sure to please the knitter and owner alike. From tiny baby hats to favorite chunky teens and detailed womens hats to understated options for men, we’ve rounded up some of the best free sewing patterns available. If you’re a beginner, knitting hats is a good way to learn new skills in a guided way. Hats are usually small projects, and when you combine that with bulky yarns, you’ve got something you can knit in a few nights … or less!

For more experienced weavers, you will also find designs and techniques that will expand your knowledge. This makes these hat patterns a great way to practice these skills before using them on larger projects. Whether you’re looking to make a knitted charity gift or add warmth to your winter wardrobe, you’ll love knitting with the free designs on this list. And as a bonus, some of them are so simple that once you learn them, you can weave them right off your head!

This pattern is free, but I would ask you to donate at least $ 5 to Andrew Doig at this link before downloading it:
If you’ve already donated, make another donation! I know they appreciate it so much, and giving you this cute little pattern is a little way to say thank you.
I’ve wanted to raise money for Andrew and Andrea since I learned about his brain tumor and the expensive treatment he needs. I hope you enjoy this cute and FAST color pattern as a little thank you!
I was dragging around publishing this because the Knitty McPurly yarn asked for in the pattern isn’t ready yet (I’m undergoing a bit of cancer treatment myself that slows everything down), but I know she’s feeling the help now, so you’re free to use whatever chunky yarn you have in your stash – even leftovers!

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