Free Christmas Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

Cute Dwarf amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Hello, dear friends. Today I am sharing a wonderful dwarf amigurumi pattern with you. A completely free amigurumi pattern. Good luck to you all.

Designer: @lysenkocrochet

Necessary materials:
1) YarnArt Jeans yarn green 60, white 01, beige 05,
brown 40 and gray 46.
2) Hook 2-2.2 mm

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Santa Claus amigurumi Crochet Pattern

If I share this pattern, we are still mid-July. There is still a lot of time before Christmas. However, you can start knitting in the last days of August or in September. You finish it early and it will be a nice gift in time.
Maybe you can use it to decorate the Christmas tree. It is difficult to find such amigurumis. Because amigurumi is not made for special occasions. Some kids love Santa. So I think it will be a nice gift.
I really liked the details in the amigurumi. Especially the redness of their ultrasounds. His beard looks so cute. Made in different colors. You can view other images by switching between pages.
All necessary materials can be found in the pattern section. Good luck to all of you.

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Deer Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

It is very difficult to find such a free amigurumi pattern. Especially deer models. Characters who are very ingenious and creative. It is very difficult to design. Since it takes a lot of time, designers often put it on sale. So thank you very much to @nina_sukhina for sharing this beautiful pattern.
As for the Amigurumi pattern, it is a very complex model. A pattern that I do not recommend to beginners. It has been prepared with very fine detail and is quite large. You finish it off by knitting everything except the eyes. Even the details on the horns can take days for a beginner.
If you get bored very quickly, I don’t really recommend this recipe. The simpler patterns can be found on this website. When we come to the deer clothes, you can try different colors. I recommend using a thread of the same quality as the thread. May it be easy for you.

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Christmas Reindeer Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

There is still a lot of time before Christmas when I write this article. But I like this amigurumi reindeer pattern so much that I want to share it. First of all, the black little dots on the white color really give a very realistic look. The same stains are also on the red thread. He is a pretty cute character. I think the beautiful and impressive part of this amigurumi pattern is the nose. It has a very large and impressive design. When you are done knitting the toy, you will have a very large amigurumi. The finished size is approx. 20 cm.

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Deer christmas amigurumi Crochet Pattern

A great Christmas deer. Maybe it might be early for Christmas, but now you’re creating your arvis, I think it’s a slightly different model. However, it contains exactly the Christmas colors. Green, red, white.
A pretty cute amigurumi model. It can be a great Christmas gift for your child or close friends. The person who detailed the rope colors in the sample section. Thank you to him.
By the way, the example is Ekaterina Ustinova. He is a very talented person. I suggest you follow the personal Instagram page. It is prepared with a small hard rope. So I think 2mm hooks are used.
While doing this amyguri, you can use several things instead of bow ties. For example, you can make a flower on the collar. You can also add greens when making the amyguri. This will contribute to the amigurumi you have made.

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Christmas Reindeer Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I am with you with the most reindeer amigurumi pattern I have ever seen. Amigurumi deer are usually designed with prominent horns. But this amigurumi is really different. Especially the buttons on the horns give a very cute look. His hat is also very compatible. This might be a much more suitable amigurumi for Christmas. However, you can knit one to give it to your child.

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Christmas bunny with socks amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Sport weight cotton or cotton blend yarn
Blackembroidery thread
6 mm Safety Eye (Black)

Size 2.0 mm or a hook that fits your yarn

1 wooden button

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Little elf christmas girl amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Sport weight cotton or cotton belnd yarn
Chunky weight yarn for hair
Black embroidery thread
Textile pen (red)
8 mm safety eyes
Tapestry needle
2.5 mm or a hook that fits your yarn

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