Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns for Beginners 2019

Macaroons Pattern

Nothing says coziness like a handmade blanket to snuggle against on the couch. I am a general fanatic, as you know from the trillions I have made, including this and this one. This beginner crochet blanket is super simple and perfect for beginner knitters. In fact, it was done by a crochet novice who is my friend and neighbor (more on this in a moment)! The colors used in this screaming duvet are falling but neutral enough to add warmth and charm to any room all year long. Simple stripes will help you practice changing colors and using very light stitches. The rectangular shape simplifies the task and allows you to track these points (and count them if necessary). If you have experience, you will still appreciate its simplicity and colorful design.

Earlier I made a post about crocheting yo-yo puffs. Now I’ll show you how to do yo-yo pulls without cutting the thread. If you want to crochet a colorful blanket, scarf, decorations, etc., make the first yo-yo (cut the thread), change the color and join the next yo-yo as you can see in the video (the 7th yo-yo).

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