Funny and Amazing 45 Crochet Amigurumi Cat for 2019 Season

Little Cute Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

It’s easy to get hooked on amigurumi, pardon the pun! There is something absolutely fun about creating cute creatures with yarn and crochet. In fact, it is such a popular type of crochet that there are designers and craftsmen who only work with amigurumi patterns. Do you want to try? It’s easier than you think! While some of the templates can seem complicated, with a lot of small details, if you know the basics … it’s not hard. I have put together a collection of 10 amigurumi patterns for all levels, from beginners to more advanced prostitutes. This cute little marine creature only uses double crochet stitches, making it the perfect first step in creating an amigurumi. Think of it as plunging your toe into a sea of ​​ami. They are not only simple but also knit quickly with minimal yarn use. What could be better?

Materials and tools
• Yarn of your choice. I have used Hobbii Rainbow 100% cotton yarn (50g / 170m)
• Crochet hook 2.5 mm, or the one that suits your yarn
• Stuffing material for toys
• Pair of safety eyes – 6 mm
• Scissors
• Black and pink fine thread to embroider the nose, cheeks and mouth
• Stitch marker (I usually use a piece of thin wire to mark the end of each round)
• Yarn needle for sewing

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Llama Nursery Amigurumi Pattern

Dear friends. I am with you with one of the most beautiful llama amigurumi patterns I have seen recently. It is a very realistic model. A simple amigurumi pattern that seems a bit difficult to make. Good luck everyone.
Necessary materials
1. Himalaya Dolphin Baby # 357 (Gray) # 349 (Dusty Pink)
2. Wagp Art JEans # 80 (light gray), and color of your choice for accessories
Z. Hook # 5, # 3.25
4. Sew the eyes
5. Needle
6. Scissors

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Sunflower Girl Amigurumi Pattern

Tools and materials:
– yarn for overalls – yarnart jeans No. 29 (salad);
yarn for leather – yarnart jeans No. 87 (beige);
-hair yarn – yarnart jeans No. 70 (brown);
– yarn on the cheeks – yarnart jeans No. 74 (pink);
– yarn for sunflower – No. 70 and No. 35;
-hook 2.0 mm;
– filler – holofiber;
-scissors, suture needle;
– eyes 8mm.

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Cat with heart amigurumi Pattern

Recently, cat amigurumi patterns have become quite commonplace. Many amigurumi patterns look the same. That’s why I’m sharing a brand new amigurumi cat pattern. Thank you very much to designer alio_toys for this amazing cat design. The design on the cat’s paws is a really great design. It’s really cool that it’s made with different colors on the ears and nose. A cartridge that has been prepared with great effort. The pattern has been translated according to the English rules. If you think there is an error, please let me know. Let’s continue with this beautiful amigurumi pattern.

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Little Ears Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Dear friends. I want to share this cute amigurumi rabbit pattern with you. First of all, I have to say that it is an amigurumi with a great design. The large head and small ears in particular have resulted in an original design. Now I want to share the pattern without further verbal delay.
Materials and tools
We need:
Yarnart Jeans yarn, any main color a little more than 1 skein of Milky – for the face
White – to accentuate the arms and legs
Hook 1.5
A pair of eyes, I have 7 mm
Stitching needle

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Velvet Plush Elephant Amigurumi Pattern

Hello my dear friends. I can say I worked really hard translating this adorable amigurumi pattern. It was really worth it because it is such a cute elephant. I have shared many amigurumi patterns made with velvet yarn, but I don’t remember sharing elephant amigurumi patterns before. I hope you enjoy this.


1. Yarn Himalaya Dolphin baby 100g / 120m or equivalent;
2. Hook 3.5 mm;
3. Eyes on the container 16 mm;
4. Yarnart Jeans yarn 50g / 160m for face decoration;
6. Scissors, a plastic needle with a large eye for sewing on parts;
7. Filler holofiber;
8. Needle and strong thread for tightening the muzzle.

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