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Polemonium Hat Pattern

Personally, I like to work with the loom counterclockwise, whether I am weaving a flat panel or working without it. I am right-handed, and it is more convenient for me to hold the hook in my right hand and the thread in my left. If you are left-handed, you can work counterclockwise.
The benefits of removable pegs
Use different colored pegs if they work for your design. For example, if my pattern repeat is rib K2, P2, then I would set up my loom with a pattern repeat of 2 pink and 2 blue pegs. This will make it easier to keep track of my pattern because I will know that all the pink pegs are knit stitches, and all the blue pegs are reverse stitches.

Do you like the Jacob’s ladder crochet technique but don’t know how to crochet? Try Renita Harvey’s new loop chaining method that achieves the same design feature on a shaved background by knitting this hat!

Impress your friends and family with this fun hat that incorporates both braided loops and color changes. Changing the color after each round of chain links gives the “ladder” a more visible look. Or use a self-rigging yarn with long color changes to avoid changing colors manually. This hat is also a great motif for school and team colors as well as seasonal color combinations.

The Polemonium hat is easier than it looks, making it a great pattern for those who want to step up their knitting game.

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