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Winter Woodlands Throw Pattern

Personally, I like to work with the loom counterclockwise, whether I am weaving a flat panel or working without it. I am right-handed, and it is more convenient for me to hold the hook in my right hand and the thread in my left. If you are left-handed, you can work counterclockwise.
The benefits of removable pegs
Use different colored pegs if they work for your design. For example, if my pattern repeat is rib K2, P2, then I would set up my loom with a pattern repeat of 2 pink and 2 blue pegs. This will make it easier to keep track of my pattern because I will know that all the pink pegs are knit stitches, and all the blue pegs are reverse stitches.

Loom: 28” Knitting Board + peg extenders set for double knit set at 2cm spacing.

Yarn: Lion Brand Scarfie, 4 skeins. Cream/Taupe. 312 yds. per skein. Bulky weight. Hand wash and dry flat.

Stitches: Rib, Stockinette, and Honeycomb pattern

Finished Sizes: 34 x 44 inches

Notions: Knit hook and crochet hook

Gauge: 2 sts X 3 rows=1 inch

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