12 Easy and Cute Free Crochet Flowers Patterns

The Flora Flower Crochet Pattern

As for the pattern
Skill level: Easy
The flower can be used as an appliqué, for example, a basket or purse. 3 round chain spaces at the rear are being made. On the third round, the petals for the flower are crocheted around those chains.
Finished size using 3mm / C2 hook: 8 x 8 cm / 3.14 ”
Extra tip!
To make the flower bigger, just repeat rows 7 and 8.. Place one extra chain in each 7th row and multiply by 2 dc in each 8th row (one dc on each side of the picot strip). You can also sew on a small button or pearl in the middle.

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violet flower coaster Crochet Pattern

This is an easy to follow TUTORIAL CROCHET PATTERN with written instructions in English (US terms) complete with detailed pictures and illustrations, 11 sheets.
The ‘list of used stitches’ is translated in Dutch, UK English, and Italian, French and German crochet terms. Due to American crochet terms, with tutorial pictures showing the stitches in a row, it was much easier to work with the pattern even for the beginner.
You can use this motif in dress, tops, doilies, scarf….
If you know crochet, do it! You will enjoy! 🙂
You may not sell, copy, distribute or share my patterns (or the pictures contained therein) in any form.

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Frill Flower Corsage Crochet Pattern

I needed little pretty corsage for my dress, so I made a triple layered frill flower corsage using lace yarn.

It is nice for adult, but also cute for kids!
Make it to your mom and your kids, they will love it!

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Simple Flower Hexagon Crochet Pattern

This pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners and intermediate crocheters. The PDF contains both written instructions and pictures. I used Scheepjec Catona but you can also use thicker yarn for this project if you intend to make a blanket or a pillow.

Flowers and hexagons seem to be a perfect combination. They can be easily turned into beautiful pillows or become a part of larger projects such as cosy blankets. This particular hexagon with a flowery motif in the centre is very easy and fast to make.

Pattern: by Tally’s Crafts

Recommended yarn: Scheepjes Catona

Recommended hook size: 3.5mm

Finished size: approx. 11cm

Abbreviations (US terms)

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Cute Double Layered Flower Crochet Pattern

I made my Crochet Cute Double Layered Flower with three different colors of 6 strand embroidery floss and a 2 mm crochet hook and it measures 5 cm (2 inches) in diameter.

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Mollie flowers headband Crochet Pattern


The recipe includes a knitting diagram.
I made it as a gift for my friend’s daughter.
When I posted it on Instagram, there was an inquiry and a story about patterning, and I was able to realize it with the cooperation of Masako of crochet_hmmm!

When knitting this hair band, I would be grateful if you could tag it as “# Molly Flower Hair Band”.

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Beautiful flower Crochet Pattern

For this flower we only need to make 4 rows
You can make it in one color or with 2 colors. It’s your foot.
In my case I do with one color because I want to put these flowers on a handbag that I work on now
If you want a bigger flower use a larger crochet hook and thicker thread.
If you want a smaller flower use a smaller hook and thinner wire
All you have to do is have a combination of three plus 1.

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Granny Flower Hexagons Crochet Pattern

Find out how these super cute granny flower hexagons can be made. Hexagons make great blankets. The motifs could be used alone to make coasters, or you could tie a few together to make placemats. I’m sure you can think of many other ideas for these nice motifs …

I used Drops Paris and Scheepjes Cahlista cotton yarn with a 5mm (H) hook to make my hexagons, but you can use any yarn you want, just the size of hook recommended on your yarn ball band.

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Crochet Succulents Crochet Pattern

Do you love succulents? if yes, then this tutorial is just for you. You can adorn your home with these beautiful crochet succulents and make them in various sizes too.. More importantly, you don’t have to water them and they won’t die on you 🙂 Read below for instructions.

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Mary’s Memory Crochet Pattern

I designed Mary’s Memory Hexagon for my Australian / New Zealand Cross Cruise with Crafty Adventures.

It is dedicated to one of my favorite poets (Mary Oliver) and a special friend (Aunty Mary).

I have broken the tutorial into three parts, which I will share next week. At the ends of Parts 1 and 3, you will have a small motif or an independent motif that you can use to create blankets with. Next, I’ll tell you how I grew my motif even further by adding the limit from the Schecaljes Ubuntu CAL 2018.

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Sitting on a Flower Coaster Crochet Pattern

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Kimberley’s Rose Crochet Pattern

This shaded floral pattern is designed to look like Yorkshire White Rose and at a buffer finish size 5cm / 2 ”worn as a lapel brooch. As always I recommend you make your own and make it any color or size you want!
The pattern comes with round to round illustrations, a key is given.
Although it is written in UK terminology I have also included US equivalent terms.
To save your print ink the round images are found on the Blog post.
As the stitches are made in previous round front and rear loops I would suggest this is an intermediate and high level pattern. But it ‘s a tiny thing so why not try it anyway! Please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance.

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