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Top Down Baby Sweater Pattern

Dive into our beautiful collection of baby knitting patterns with lace shawls and plush blankets, hats, booties, jackets and dresses made from soft baby yarn. Using only the finest natural fibers in one of our beautiful and easy-to-learn toddler knitting patterns, you can naturally take care of your loved one.

As with all of our knitting patterns, we have everything you need from start to finish. With our unique display option, you can see exactly what materials you need to complete your special project. Not only do we let you see the children’s knitting patterns in our books, but we also offer an easy purchase option so you can make sure you have everything you need before you get started.

In all my years of working on this blog, I have found that there are two types of knitters: those who don’t care about seams and those who can’t stand it! If you are part of the latter group, this is the scheme for you! Usually knitting a sweater involves making 4 different pieces on single stitch needles (sleeves, front and back) and then sewing them together.

This sweater is knitted using circular needles. You start at the collar and work your way down. The sleeve stitches are put on a support and finished after finishing with the body. The sweater is knitted in one piece and there are no seams to sew!

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