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Boom Box Belt Bag Pattern

To tie a slip knot, place the thread and make a loop. Make sure your short piece, the ponytail, is on top of the long string. Then flip everything over to the longest strand. Grasp the middle thread with your thumb and forefinger and gently pull the middle thread. Hold on to the tail and tighten the loop.
Take the loop in your left hand, insert the hook into the loop, and tighten the loop around the hook. Not too tight, there must be something to give. Note: I started my life left-handed and now I own both hands. I prefer to teach the way my grandmother taught me, because this is how all books are published.

Turn up the volume in retro style with this blend of iconic ’80s style and technology. Feed your favorite belt through the loops on the back of the Boom Box Belt Bag to turn it into a hands-free pouch reminiscent of a fanny pack. Manage your credit cards and change in the Mix Tape Wallet, which fits neatly into the Boom Box.

These are both simple zippered pouches that have been worked in the round from the base. Tapestry crochet is used to create the designs, where you can wear up to three yarns in the piece as you work. Change color by working to the last yarn over of your stitch, switch to the new color to complete the last yarn over. Use the tapestries as a guide.

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