Stylish and Easy Crochet Scarf Patterns for New Season

Better In Pink Scarf Pattern

If you are new to crocheting, the scarf may seem like something too tough for you. However, you can easily make a simple scarf with just a few basic crochet techniques. This is a great beginner project to help you master chain, double crochet, and scarf trim.
One of the best starting points for those learning to crochet is knitting a scarf, and we’ll introduce you to our favorite crochet patterns. Once you know how to make a simple crochet scarf, you’re ready to tackle all sorts of crochet ideas for beginners. To get started, you need a crochet kit.

This beautiful, feminine triangle scarf is a must-have in warmer weather! This piece has a very simple construction: it is raised by one stitch each row to the middle and then decreased again to the end. You end up with a simple yet delicate 2-row border (just look at those picots!). This scarf goes well with a light sweater and jeans, or a cardigan and that cute summer dress that you will be called all winter although it is better called in pink triangle scarf, it looks great in all colors;)

One of my favorite things about the better pink triangle scarf is that it is super easy to change the size! Honestly, I would have liked to make mine bigger, but as I mentioned in the blog post, I only had one ball. But if you have some extra yarn to play with, you can easily turn this scarf into a scarf! Read the pattern notes for instructions on how.

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