Amigurumi Doll crochet Images and Patterns for 2019

Franky Giraffe Amigurumi Pattern

Do you love to crochet? Make one of these cute amigurumi crochet patterns for beginners as a great little gift or cute baby gift for a boy or girl.
Beginners can choose from a variety of different amigurumi patterns. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next crochet plush amigurumi crochet project for beginners.
You will want to get plastic eyes for your crocheted amigurumi animal. The Amazon is a good place to find them. I have these eyes.

Hello guys. This giraffe name Franky. Its free giraffe pattern.
Designer: @n_iniko
🌾🦒 hope you enjoy it. Would be happy if you tag me ♥️ happy crocheting 🧶

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