Amigurumi Doll crochet Images and Patterns for 2019

Little Chicken Amigurumi Pattern

Do you love to crochet? Make one of these cute amigurumi crochet patterns for beginners as a great little gift or cute baby gift for a boy or girl.
Beginners can choose from a variety of different amigurumi patterns. Read the reviews and get ready to start your next crochet plush amigurumi crochet project for beginners.
You will want to get plastic eyes for your crocheted amigurumi animal. The Amazon is a good place to find them. I have these eyes.

You will need:
– Yarn Alize Cotton Gold Hobby yellow (code 187) basic.
– Yarn Alize Bahar brown (code 179) for the beak of inozes;
– YarnArt Jeans yarn in cherry color (code 66) for a comb;
– Eyes on a tight closure or a little black thread (thread muline) for embroidery;
– Your favorite hook 2.0 mm;
– Knitting needle for sewing on details and face embroidery;
– Any filler to your taste (I use holofiber or synthetic fluff, which are available);
– Marker for marking stitches
(desirable!), if not, it is not scary, you can mark the end of the row with a thread of a contrasting color;
– Scissors;
– Inspiration and a few cups of hot coffee, tea or cocoa navash =)

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